Win every 15 minutes. There are many ways to win.

To become a winner without even guessing not one number is possible only here.

You decide how to participate, how many numbers to note, and, of course, how much you want to win. The choice is yours!

First of all, it should be noted that the daily online lottery RATES accepts bets on numbers, has gaming procedures. You are available, an entertaining free lottery and a lottery with the sale of electronic lottery tickets. Lotto tickets are purchased for electronic currencies in exchange for cash and have a refund. Electronic lottery tickets correspond to the rules of registration and submission of documents to the current account for your turnover.

What are the distinguishing features of this game from the likes?

The numerical lottery RATES does not use complex formulas and algorithms aimed at earning developers.
In this system there is only one rule, the number with the least number of bets wins.
From the player you need either an extraordinary intuition or all the desired luck.

What size bets and how much can you win?

In the lottery RATES, there is some restriction on the size of the bet. The minimum bet is 0.05 Rcoin, and the win depends primarily on the amount of bets made for this time and the number of players participating in this lottery. All is honest and open.

How to win without buying the currency of the game?

For new users, a minimum free rate is created, with which you can win the initial capital! Also, registration in the system occurs solely by the user ID that invited him, which gives the distributor a permanent bonus in the form of a percentage of the game process of the attracted players.