What is the "Rates" betting system?

It should be noted that the «R A T E S» betting system is an entertaining game with the ability to withdraw money, which means that this is a real money game.

What are the distinguishing features of this game from the likes?

Betting system" R A T E S " does not use complicated formulas and algorithms designed for earnings development. In this system there is only one rule, the winning number, which is the less rates. The player is required extraordinary intuition or luck.

What size bets and how much can you win?

In the «R A T E S» system, there is some restriction on the size of the bet, but this restriction is so democratic that you can win an unlimited amount of game currency without investing a cent!

How to win without buying the currency of the game?

For new users, a minimum free rate is created, with which you can win the initial capital! Also, registration in the system occurs solely by the user ID that invited him, which gives the distributor a permanent bonus in the form of a percentage of the game process of the attracted players.