Affiliate referral program RATES

Referral is a member of the partner program, registered on the recommendation of another participant. Such a marketing scheme is widely distributed on the Internet and involves registration on websites providing various services. In this case, the recommendation is accompanied by a "referral link" or "referral ID" containing information about the account of the participant who will receive a reward for attracting newcomers.

The referral partner program RATES invites the participants of the program to attract referrals to the system and receive a reward of up to 20% of the losses of the attracted customers, that is, you can become a full partner of the RATES system. Remuneration is paid by the system itself, and not by referrals involved, so the main advantage of the RATES affiliate program is the absence of any costs from the partner or its attracted users.

New attracted users register "team game" when registering and indicate the partner ID in the user ID field. From this moment the partner starts to receive the income from all referral rates which have lost.

For example: the player made 2 stacks of 1 Rcoin, won one bet, and the second lost, so the partner gets to his account up to 0.2 Rcoin with the lost referral rate.

The system provides for a progressive percentage of payments. Depending on the number of attracted users (referrals), the percentage of the partner's reward increases. The base partner percentage for registration is 10%.

The growth of interest with the increase in the number of referrals involved:


 The affiliate program includes additional benefits. The partner and the attracted users can take part in the drawings as a team. Team play allows, by concerted action, to increase the chance of winning every prime time, and also increases the possibility of winning Jackpot.

To become a partner of the RATES system is very simple, for this you need to register in the system as an "individual user". After authorization in the system, replenish the balance of the game account and make any number of bets on any amount. Balance replenishment and account activity are necessary to exclude the possibility of mass registrations of bots and unscrupulous users, since the number of accounts for registration as partners with high incomes up to 20% is limited.


After confirming the activity of the game account, a personal ID will be available.