Online betting system "RATES"

User agreement


The rules of the game system " RATES "


Betting system RATES designed for entertainment purposes only, and is distributed free of charge. The system operates fully automatically without the intervention of human factors. Draws bets are carried out on the basis of computational algorithms and are random to the user. The winning number is a number with the fewest bids or least amount of bets from five numbers on the results of the end of the draw. Rates implemented in-game currency purchased by the user if desired.

When entering a game room betting system through browser installed applications or games with the mobile client (hereinafter referred to as "the Annex"), any natural person (hereinafter "user") becomes a party to this Agreement and undertakes to fulfil the following conditions:


1. User obligations.

1.1. The user understands and agrees with the recommendations here rules, regulations, requirements and conditions. Should they, and have also agreed that the data rules, regulations, requirements and conditions are subject to change without notice.

1.2. If you are using the user agrees to be legally an adult and full legal capacity in the country of residence or citizenship.

1.3. The user agrees that is extremely personal, non-commercial interest in the content of applications and system software. You may not copy, reproduce or publish any and all elements and contents of the Web site or software Application.

1.4. When registering in the application, the user agrees to all terms and conditions regarding the acquisition of game currency using payment systems and undertakes to follow their instructions.

1.5. If the application user is obliged to indicate correct information about yourself in order to confirm the age of majority, the disbursements of funds and restore/unlock the account. If necessary, the Administration has the right to demand Application scan-copy documents with photo, Uploader with a passport, confirming the identity of the user.

1.6. Upon completion of the registration process, the user gets a login and password for access to the application. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your login and password and also for all that will be done on the Web site of the application or in the application itself, under the login and password of the user.

1.7. The user agrees that it will not abandon the earlier transaction and/or deny or cancel any payment made by the user.


2 . Reasons for refusal to provide the service (using the Web site or application):

2.1. Fraudulent activity.

2.1.1. The use of more than two unconfirmed documented SIM cards for purchases on the site.

2.1.2. Withdrawals using the credit card, other than credit card, through which you purchased your game currency.

2.1.3. Unauthorized use of the site at the program level.

2.1.4. The implementation of exchange transactions or trade with the help of application resources.

2.2. In the case of creating more than one account.

2.3. Provision of false information in the registration form user.

2.4. For intentional violation of the rules, the Administration has the right to block the user account until the previous circumstances.

2.5. In case of blocking user account registration data will be removed, a refund for the purchased game currency will be made by the decision of the administration.


3. Application Services:

3.1. The application Service (or use the Web site) will be necessary, according to the Administration, form.

3.2. The Administration Application is not responsible for computer glitches and problems with communication equipment users.

3.3. Application Administration reserves the right to eliminate technical problems as soon as possible.

3.4. The administration shall have the right without notice to the user Application to produce a preventive work in the software-hardware complex.

3.5. All disputes are resolved at the discretion of the application. Winning combinations, sostavivshiesja due to a failure in the application, or on other grounds for not winning confirmation, do not give rise to the appearance of winnings (incorrect winnings). All gaming funds accrued as a result of incorrect winnings are not credited to the account of the user. A failure in the application is considered to be failures and disruption of software and hardware, including deliberate threats. Application crash represents a violation of the physical and logical integrity of stored in operational and external memory data structures. Causes of failure in the application are any mechanical or other effects from the outside in, hacker attacks, failures in the operation of data centers, the disruption of electricity, Internet connections and other negative factors. In the case of confirmation of winning on relevant grounds, it is incorrect and does not gain is attributable to the user account.

Winning is not confirmed in the following cases:

-the winning number loss directly during Application failure;
-the winning number loss resulting from dishonest user actions, a person deliberately affecting the application, for a possible miscalculation or attempt forced the winning number assignment;
-the occurrence of circumstances which impede the implementation of the commitments on the part of the Administration application that could not have been foreseen and prevented within a reasonable period of time (force majeure);
-incorrect calculation that is not supported by the table enumerations, rate the user, the amount of bets, etc.;
-Inconsistencies in the number of depositions winning numbers with the number of enumerations to the account of the user who is associated with a clear violation of probabilistic patterns repeated sequential loss of winning numbers. Failure to win means the cancellation of all contributing to incorrect winning results, accumulated according to the results of the compilation of winning sessions.


4. Bonus policy.

4.1 bonuses received during registration, limited in functionality. The conclusion is subject only to the amount of game currency acquired through the use of bonuses.

4.2 withdrawal all unused bonuses remain on the betting account.


5. Payments


5.1. The user can get a refund for games currency by enumerations in the indicated during registration or added in the annex payment systems, in the amount not exceeding the remainder of the game currency on the playing account user, minus is not subject to refund the amount of game currency related to promotions or other Bonus replenishments.

5.2. The maximum amount of refund-2300 United States dollars, subject to proof of identity.

5.3. In case of technical problems with the transaction payment Application Administration reserves the right to pay a refund for game currency in a manner different from the method of payment specified by the user.

5.4. Refund requests users of game currency from the gaming account are processed within 12:00 am. If the Application site is carried out technical work, the time for processing of the query can be changed up to 48 hours.

5.5. Application Administration holds 10% of the amount of the refund for the user if the user has not committed, or the size of the User made rates or the amount of his winnings in the game currency is less than double the amount of last replenishment of account in-game currency to the account of the user before the last replenishment.

5.6. The payment of the refund shall be made after a preliminary identification of the user.


6. The Administration Application will maintain the confidentiality of personal data of the user, except in the cases prescribed by law.

7. In the absence of any activity (payment and gaming) on the playing account during the six months since its last activity, the amount of his account is subject to reduction on the last day of each month it inactivity, starting with the seventh month, on the amount equivalent to 10% of the size of his account on the last day of the sixth month of inactivity. The user's account will be cancelled in case of exhaustion of funds on his player account in connection with inactivity.

8. Support the application shall promptly provide all information about the rules and dates of promotions. The user may be denied participation in any promotion without prior notice, at the discretion of the application.

9. Application Administration undertakes not to send unsolicited information to e-mail, and reserves the right to send information on the status of the User account specified during registration on the email inbox.

10. The administration of the application has the right to disclose the name (without the name) and the user's city/country on the Board of honor or application ratings list past winnings in any other materials.

11. Disputes concerning compliance with the rules shall be resolved by the administration of the Application with the application describing the problem in the email. The letter must specify the phone number and user login. The application Administration decision on contentious issues is final.